An Answer (2004)

An answer chose our way of living
Shutting four in space for two
Unable to convey any valid meaning
And our time is running short

Thousands part of this experiment
Now every other looks the same
Circumstances breeding people within people
I’m looking back at you in me

In the eye of rabid questions
Two more minutes left of life
Bioptic robots in me digging for the answer
Disassembling soul and mind

Analysis almost complete
When the robots find a shard of hope
A message capsule insanely encrypted
Maybe from the god in me

Newsflash, all the towns are swarming
Two trillion robots reassigned
Retry review and revisit all the pieces
But the key is nowhere to be found

A distant sound, a hint of laughter
One that knows but doesn’t care
The part of me that stowed away in your subconscious
Drifting safely out of reach

A thousand years of brute-force cracking
The old words finally lie bare
“Fuck you, hope you’ll rot in hell”, says the message
Maybe from the god in me

Far away forsaken seashore
Two battered lives have found their peace
Sacrificed and disposed by that mad experiment
But they got the answer found

Looking back at you in me
Looking back at you in me
Looking back at you in me
Looking back at you in me