The Others (2005)

A desperate summoning
And five arrived
But only three were chosen then
The others fell away

The others hung their heads
The others turned their backs
The others walked away

They walked through horrors then
The others flapped their wings
And rose above the clouds

They boarded an airplane
And built a first class dream
A kingdom of horizons’ reach
And just microns in depth

The others smoked cigars
The others played the cards
The others learned the ways

Of powers of the unknown
With massive legal tomes
The economic game

And so they spend their years
In power and in wealth
But every now and every then
That day haunts their dreams

The others twitch their mouths
The others rub their eyes
They’re even shedding tears

When no one is around
In the secret of the night
They’re crying in vain

And with the morning light
The others straighten out
They’re even feeling brave

But they can’t seem to help
Wondering about
Oh, what might have been